Since its foundation in 2011, the ISAE Group has affirmed its hold on higher education in Aerospace Engineering fostering a true scientific and pedagogic community. Ensuring in the same time a generous osmose of values based on innovation and openness which equip the future engineers with world class knowledge to face the technological and social-economic challenges of tomorrow in the field of Aerospace.

In 2019, The ISAE Group enlarges its possibilities by the the partnership with ESTIA.  ESTIA is a generalist engineering school, subsidiary of CCI Bayonne Basque Country, in association with the University of Bordeaux. Multidisciplinary training (mechanical engineering, electrical and computer engineering) combined with strong characteristics (multilingualism, international, interaction with the company, creativity) contributes to prepare engineers specialists in human-system integration and technologies of industry 4.0

Already in 2018, The ISAE Group enlarged also its possibilities by the inclusion of a new member with SUPMECA, a reputed mechanical engineering school in Saint-Ouen within the Paris region

Direction aerospace since many years, SUPMECA wished stronger relations with the 4 other institutions of the ISAE Group to develop shared educational, research and informatics projects and to contribute actively to the promotion and the evolution of the Group.