Digital Learning

In order to respond as close as possible to mounting expectations and needs of learners, the ISAE group works on three ongoing digital learning projects.

The « salles de télé-enseignement » (distance teaching rooms) project

The ISAE group is capitalising on the 2020-2021 experience of hybrid training to deploy a network of distance teaching rooms within its five member institutes. This network will allow students, teachers, lecturers and temporary staff to experiment with new teaching methods in an environment and dedicated place that offers all the ergonomics and technology necessary for a lesson.

This new equipment will open up the opportunity to erase geographical constraints and multiply the possibilities of inter-institutional collaboration within the ISAE group.

The distance teaching rooms operate through a centralised reservation system coupled with an ergonomic and efficient web-conferencing system, in a room that is particularly suited to this type of interaction. For example, an industrial lecturer from Paris will be able to give a one-hour conference to ISAE-SUPAERO engineering students from the SUPMECA distance teaching room ; and a teacher from ENSMA will be able to teach students at the air force school, under very good conditions and without having to plan one day travel.

The major objectives of implementing distance teaching rooms are:

  • extending and simplifying the implementation of hybrid courses,
  • facilitating access to the ISAE group institutes,
  • offering the most ergonomic tools for teaching,
  • and diversifying work methods.

The ADN Factory project

We call ADN (Aerospace Digital Nugget), an educational resource integrating theoretical inputs, practical exercises and formative self-assessment. Each active learning is 5 to 30 minutes long. For high reuse, the ADNs are built independently of the learning context.

The institutes of the ISAE group pool their scientific and pedagogical knowledges for the benefit of the learners to produce a set of ADN in their fields of expertise. Thereby, the ADN Factory project will allow the exchange and sharing of ADN produced within the ISAE group.

The project is based on the following objectives:

  • Optimise the use of resources
  • Produce high quality educational content in an efficient and controlled way
  • Facilitate the implementation of asynchronous and adaptive teaching
  • Facilitate the integration of ADNs into internal and external educational platforms of the ISAE group institutes (face-to-face or distance learning courses, MOOCs, etc.).

The IREAL project

The progress in educational technologies allows to meet, as closely as possible, the expectations of students and teachers. Today, the group is committed to innovating in the field of learning in order to provide the learners with faster, easier and even more appropriate access. 

This is why ISAE-SUPAERO has developed the IREAL platform, literally "Interactive Remote Experimentation for Aerospace Learning".

It focuses on scientific experimentation through “learning-by-doing”. It offers an innovative approach to digitising and hosting scientific experiments, and provides interactive experiences based on multimedia content, including videos.

Through this platform, the ISAE group offers students an access to the experimental resources deployed within the different institutes, thus broadening their learning through practice and multiplying the experimental laboratories.

Students can thus access this digitalized practical work in connection with their teaching, from anywhere, at any time and from any type of digital equipment. 

IREAL places the user in the same experimental conditions as during a practical session. The learner can choose the input values, test, make errors, observe and analyse. Beyond the demonstration, IREAL lets the user be in control of his/her tests.

In the current context of the health crisis, the platform provides an effective educational continuity in terms of practical work and takes advantage of the benefits offered by new technologies.