The 2nd edition of the ISAE Debating Weekend took place at the Ecole de l'air et de l'espace on the 19th and 20th November 2021, bringing together some forty students and teachers from the various schools of the ISAE group.  

Inspired by the debates that take place in the British House of Commons, Debating is an exercise in which teams of students compete and defend their point of view on various subjects in English in front of an audience and a jury. 

On a given topic, one team, representing the government, is in charge of defending the proposed motion, while the opposing team, representing the opposition, must do everything in its power to convince the jury to reject it. 

These debates use the rules and style of the French Debating Association: 

·       Teams of 5 students 

·       Various topics, sometimes serious, sometimes lighter 

·       A fast-paced debate, with each speaker taking 5 minutes to speak

·       One watchword: humour and wit. 

In addition to its fun aspect, the ISAE Debating Weekend is a great opportunity for students to develop their eloquence and their ability to defend their points of view in English on more or less complex subjects, but also for their teachers who take advantage of this friendly moment to exchange on their teaching practices. This event, subsidised by the GIFAS chair, contributes to intercollegiate exchanges and broadens students’ outlooks.