This tenth anniversary highlights development. Created in 2011, the ISAE Group entered a new stage in 2021, welcoming Supméca as one of its member schools. This engineering school, located in Saint-Ouen in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, had joined the group in 2018 as a partner school. Since 2019 it had been an associate school. The decision was taken by the ISAE Group’s Board of Directors on March 24th, 2021.


For Olivier Lesbre, President of the ISAE Group and of ISAE-SUPAERO, “Since 2018, Supméca has played an active role in all the Group’s activities, bringing experience and skills to the table that are very useful to certain projects, such as setting up our new Engineering through Apprenticeship program. Furthermore, over the past ten years the school has seen its share of graduates going into the aeronautical sector become the majority”.


The ISAE Group has three levels of affiliation and involvement: partner, associate and member. Each level has its corresponding eligibility criteria in the areas of training, research, diversity and international action, with a solid footing in the aerospace sector. Schools seeking to become members with a strong involvement in the ISAE Group receive the ISAE brand.




By achieving member status, Supméca’s name has changed. On March 24th, 2021, Supméca thus became ISAE-Supméca. The school’s logo changed to honor its new status within the ISAE Group.


For Philippe Girard, Director of ISAE-Supméca, “Our school has evolved over the decades, becoming a reference institution in mechanical and digital engineering. Joining the prestigious club of ISAE Group members recognizes the quality of our training, research and partnership relations. Recognition as a member reinforces our national position and makes ISAE-Supméca the ISAE Group’s leader in the Ile-de-France region, which is France’s leading region in aerospace. Furthermore, it opens a new formative phase in the school’s development. Our ambition is to train mechanical engineers capable of meeting technological challenges coupled with the challenges of climate change and reindustrialization. These are huge challenges that are facing aerospace, but also rail, automobiles and energy. Mechanics, mechanical engineering, materials and the mastery of complex systems are all part of the technological levers for progress. In hard times, investments in training, research and innovation must be reinforced.”


For Olivier Lesbre, “This brand development is the sign of ISAE-Supméca’s fast, successful integration. In ten years, the ISAE Group has made a name for itself as a place for exchanging best practices and developing joint projects, and as the natural contact for industrial and institutional stakeholders in the aeronautics and space sector, notably GIFAS. With a presence in France’s main aerospace regions, the Group trains engineers and PhDs with complementary profiles that meet most of the needs of the stakeholders in the aerospace sector, but which are also widely sought after in all fields requiring a mastery of critical high-tech systems.”