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Being both a military and aeronautical school, the French Air Force Academy trains all the officers of the French Air Force.

The Academy teaches leadership based on three axes of training:

  • Military training which develops the leadership skills essential for any first posting in an operational context.
  • Academic training which develops expertise in both the aeronautical and space domains.

First-level Flight training with practice (flying) gliders and motorised aircraft.


Competitive examinations for:

  • Students from Preparatory Schools for the prestigious French Military Academies (CPGE).
  • Students from French Political Science Schools (IEP).
  • Holders of a Bachelor of Science degree for both internal and external candidates.

Admission based on qualifications for holders of a Master’s degree (M2) for both internal and external candidates.


The French Air Force Academy develops:

The aptitude for leadership, vital for the first operational deployment: composure, reflection, rigour, a sense of responsibility, availability, perseverance, true character and a taste for action, personal development and leadership skills.

The aptitude for teamwork

A sense of values: integrity, humility, ethics, service and courage.

These fundamental skills are developed through a combination of multi-disciplinary theoretical training and practical role-playing exercises which allow officers from the Academy to acquire the technical competence and human qualities to face the gamut of situations they will encounter throughout their operational career at all levels of responsibility.

The officer training is turned towards an operational and individual approach which caters to highly-valued airmen but still remains open to the other armed forces, business, national schools and universities as well as the international community and civil society.

Officer training precedes operational preparation in accordance with the commitment of our armed forces. It must allow officers to acquire competence in the aeronautical field but also to transmit ethical and moral values. Training thus becomes the objective of strategic optimisation supported by heightened consideration for the degrees and experience officers have already obtained.


The French Air Force Academy is a true aeronautical campus which aligns its training curriculum with the evolution of technology while strengthening its ties with industry and research (ONERA-The French Aerospace Lab, The SAFE-Security and Aerospace actors for the Future of Earth- cluster and The PACA- Provence, Alpes, Cote d’Azur- regional Campus for Aeronautical Trades and Qualifications…).

Career path

  • The first part of the career is operational at the heart of the French Air Force.
  • The second part of the career involves holding positions of responsibility at air force or joint staff headquarters, or in an inter-ministerial or international role.

Website: https://www.ecole-air-espace.fr/

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